ipatov.jpg  Deputy CEO – special projects and initiatives director

He was born in 1950.


He graduated from the Ural Polytechnic College, the Ural Polytechnic Institute and the Academy of National Economy under the USSR Council of Ministers.


1969-1973 years - Duty electrician of 7th rank, shift manager of the electrical department at the Kuznetsk Metallurgical Combine.
1975-1975 years - Driver crawler of boiler-turbine plant №2 at the Slavyanskaya HES USSR Energy Ministry.
1976-1980 years - Senior electrician on duty, shift manager of electrical power station Uglegorskaya USSR Energy Ministry.
1980-1983 years - Electrical shift supervisor, shift manager of reactor department at the Directorate for Construction of the South-Ukrainian NPP "Soyuzatomenergo" USSR Energy Ministry.
1983-1985 years - Shift supervisor of the South-Ukrainian NPP "Soyuzatomenergo" USSR Energy Ministry.
1985-2005 years - Chief Engineer, Director, Deputy General Director - Director of the concern "Rosenergoatom" "Balakovo nuclear power plant".
2005-2012 years - Пovernor of Saratov region, Saratov Region Government.
Since July 2012 - Deputy General Director - Director for Strategy and Organizational Development at the JSC "Concern Rosenergoatom".


He was awarded Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1988), Order of Nations’ Friendship(1994), medal of the "Rosenergoatom" "For Merits in enhancing safety of nuclear power plants" (1998) and medal of the "Rosenergoatom" with golden trappings (2000), Order of Merit (2000 ), diploma of the Atomic Energy Ministry (2002). Laureate of the USSR Council of Ministers (1991), a veteran of nuclear energy (2003).