The Rosenergoatom main occupation is generation of electrical and thermal energy at its nuclear plants, as well as management of nuclear plants, sources of radiation, nuclear material and radioactive substance storage sites pursuant to the procedure set forth by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The structure of Rosenergoatom includes all 10 nuclear power plants of Russia, which have the status of branches of the REA, and companies that provide activities generating company.

In total, 10 active Russian nuclear power plants are in operation in 36 units (30 GW - installed capacity of NPPs): 
  • 20 nuclear power plants with reactors of VVER type;
  • 14 power units with channel reactors; 
  • 2 power units with fast neutron reactor with sodium cooling.
NPP electricity production share in total production of Russia’s UES - 19%.

The Rosenergoatom has integrated, as branch companies, active nuclear plants, directorates of nuclear plants under construction and the Facilities Construction Directorate, Science-Research Center for Emergency Response at NPPs, Science and Engineering Center, Pilot and Demonstration Engineering Center for Decommissioning, Engineering Design Branch Office, Technology Branch Office, Resource-Bulgaria Historical Perspective Fund, and Directorate for Construction and Operation of  Floating Thermal Nuclear Power Plants.