The key task of the Crisis Center is to provide information support to the emergency response operations of the Rosenergoatom and the NPP Emergency Support Group through the relevant structures of the Rosenergoatom, VNIIAES, NPPs and the Chief Designer and Research Manager organizations.
The following functions are discharged to this end:


  • ensuring the safety of the existing nuclear power units; 
  • carrying out emergency prevention measures; 
  • forecasting pre-emergency situations and recommending on how to prevent accidents; 
  • assessing and forecasting the state of a unit and the nearby area in case of an accident; 
  • advising the personnel on radiation protection; 
  • planning personnel for localizing and liquidating possible radiation sources and restoring safety; 
  • preparing and implementing emergency response operations; 
  • emergency planning; 
  • improving methodology and technical support; 
  • organizing and conducting emergency exercises.