Floating Thermal Nuclear Power Plant (FTNPP)

In 2014 the Rosenergoatom continued construction of the first (head) 70 MW floating thermal nuclear power plant (FTNPP) based on the floating power unit (FPU) equipped with two KLT-40S reactors. The FTNPP shall be stationed in Pevek, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. The FTNPP is to be put into operation in 2019.

Under the FPU Further Construction Contract entered into between the Rosenergoatom and Baltiysky Zavod – Sudostroenie LLC in 2012, the FPU hull, with a part of the superstructure with installed systems and equipment, was constructed as of December 31, 2014. The volume of constructed hull structures totaled 100%, with 78% completion of general onboard systems. Component manufacturing for systems supporting the nuclear power plant is in progress. The general engineering contractor Atomenergo CJSC completed design and survey work and finalized the preparation of design documents for the FTNPP onshore and hydraulic facilities. In 2014 the documents were submitted to Federal Autonomous Institution "State Expert Evaluation Department" (Glavgosekspertiza) to obtain their opinion.

The basin trials are planned to be completed by October 30, 2017.

Afterwards, the Lomonosov FPU will become a fully-fledged facility and will be delivered to its operation area via the Northern sea route and connected to the coast infrastructure, which is now being constructed at the Peveke harbor. The power unit has to be ready for transportation by the end of 2017. In September 2019, Rosenergoatom plans to start installing the power unit onto its design place in order to start the FPU trials and launch it operational by fall 2019.

The Lomonosov floating power unit of the 20870 project is designed to operate as part of the floating nuclear heat power station (FNHPS). The station boasts KLT-40S reactor units that can produce up to 70 megawatt electric power and 50 MMkcal/hr heat power at a duty-cycle rating, which is enough to cater for a city of over 200 thousand people.

The FPU is designed to operate at the Extreme North and the Far East. The main Lomonosov FPU is being constructed for the floating nuclear hear power station in the city of Peveke in the Chukotka Autonomous Region. FPU is a unique and the world’s first project of a mobile transportable low-capacity power unit.