DPC (Data Processing and Storing Center) represents technologically and territorially detached server complexes, including workstations for operators, and process equipment supporting servers functioning (cabinets, uninterruptable power supply sources, switching equipment, cabling systems and other types of equipment).

DPC of Rosenergoatom is being constructed at the site located next to the Kalinin NPP, and is intend-ed to accommodate up to 4800 cabinets during the 1st construction stage, that makes it the largest DPC in Russia and one of the largest abroad. Its capacity along with low cost price of services will allow to satisfy in-house needs and to allocate on its basis IT-systems for government needs, and to use the same for commercial purposes.

PJSC Rostelecom acts as a Rosenergoatom partner to the project owing SAFEDATA group (a legal entity is DPC Ltd.). SAFEDATA is an operator of the commercial data centers, one of the market leaders, has the necessary experience, professional competence and good business reputation in the market of services for data processing and storing. Center construction is on schedule; the first phase is planned for startup in the 1st quarter of 2017.