Decommissioning is a step-by-step implementation of a set of actions performed in the final phase of NPP life cycle, aimed at facility transition to nuclear-safe state that does not require any regulatory supervision.


Rosenergoatom proposal advantages:


  • Twenty-year experience in preparation for NPP decommissioning;
  • Availability of the required technological and  human capacity;
  • Availability of unique technologies (technology of circuit decontamination of a circulating loop, etc.);
  • Experience in carrying out the unique works for dismantling of the turbine hall, deaerator stack, intermediate circuit;
  • Experience in buildings and spaces repurposing, radioactive waste treatment, spent nuclear fuel removal;
  • Experience in carrying out complex works for calculation and experimental assessment of radiation pollution and preliminary classification of the systems and equipment by radiation factor;
  • Availability of the units and complexes for solid radioactive waste (SRW) treatment and of the experience in such units operation (hydro cutting complex, dust-free blast cleaning complex, electrochemical decontamination unit);
  • Availability of a complex for SRW plasma processing designed for high-temperature processing of solid radioactive waste of mixed type showing low and average levels of activity without their careful sorting to the melted slag concentrating 90% of radioactive elements and allowing to reduce the initial volume of waste by 46÷69 times.