Nuclear infrastructure (NI) is the basis for establishment of nuclear industry, provides promotion and anchoring of Russian technologies with the use of regulatory basis.

Nuclear infrastructure is a fundamental factor for newcomer countries which impacts decision-making on nuclear power plant construction and successful implementation of the project at the whole stage of NPP life cycle.

  • Training;
  • Consulting Services;
  • Scientific and technical visits to the Russian Federation;
  • Creation of thematic centers.


Key success factors and advantages:


The advantage of the Russian proposal for development of the nuclear infrastructure in a customer country is its comprehensive nature. This approach contributes to assure stable and phased development of the national nuclear power program in the customer country and to form a ”knowledgeable customer”. The implementation of the examples of best Russian and international practices for nuclear infrastructure development and functioning, Russian technological culture and the regulatory basis adapted to the conditions in the country in terms of nuclear power program control and regulation forms a comprehensive mechanism of the nuclear industry in the customer country to successfully construct atomic energy utilization facilities according to Russian designs.