The site of power unit No. 7 of the Leningrad NPP under construction is ready for pouring the first concrete

Reinforcing the foundation with steel reinforcement allows you to create a kind of frame and make the foundation extremely strong. To reinforce a foundation with an area of 2,100 square meters, about 2,000 tons of reinforcement with a diameter of 16 to 40 mm are required. The total length of all metal structures is 295 kilometers - this is the distance from St. Petersburg to Pskov.

122 workers and specialists are involved in the work, work is performed around the clock in two shifts. Builders reinforce from 16 to 20 tons of metal structures per day.

Reinforcement is carried out in sections. As soon as the reinforced frame is ready, concreting of the foundation will begin. It is planned that these works will start before the end of March. The foundation will be completely ready in June 2024.

“Erection of the foundation slab is one of the most important stages of construction. The strength and durability of the building and the integrity of building structures depend on the quality of work. The key stage, like all technological stages of the construction of power units of the Leningrad NPP, is performed in accordance with safety standards, provisions of the legislation of the Russian Federation and modern requirements for the construction of nuclear energy facilities,” emphasized Evgeniy Milushkin, deputy director for capital construction - head of the management department of the Leningrad NPP - 2.

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The general contractor for the construction of power units No. 7 and No. 8 of the Leningrad NPP is JSC TITAN-2. Their commissioning is planned for 2030 and 2032, respectively. Every year, each new unit will transmit almost 9 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity to the country's energy system. Over 50 years of design operation, the two power units will collectively generate more than 850 billion kWh of electricity. This will make it possible not only to guarantee the provision of light and heat to the residents of the region, but also to successfully continue the implementation of large regional investment projects. Besides, the new phase of the nuclear power plant is guaranteed to provide jobs for almost two thousand people.

The main social and economic effect is to reduce the risk of energy shortages in the region and the supply of electricity to the country's unified energy system.

The efficient operation of the fuel and energy complex is of utmost importance for the state, guaranteeing energy security and economic stability of the region, as well as the well-being of its citizens, and contributes to the implementation of large regional investment projects. The Leningrad NPP not only reliably produces electricity in the amount established for it by the state task, but also uninterruptedly provides hot water and heat to more than 65 thousand residents of Sosnovy Bor, as well as industrial enterprises, cultural and medical institutions, schools and kindergartens.

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