17.08.2023  Information and Public Relations Department of the Kursk NPP

At the building site of the Kursk NPP-2, the construction of a cold water outlet channel for the cooling tower of power unit No. 1 was completed

The outlet channel of cold water is part of the cooling system of the power unit. Designed to discharge cooled water from the pool of the cooling tower of the first power unit to the water intake part of the block pumping station, which is also an object of the main water cooling system.

The work on concreting the discharge channel took about five months and consisted of several stages. In the process of preparatory work, the contractor's specialists raised the soil level (filled) up to the mark of 10 meters, followed by concrete work. For the construction of the discharge channel, specialists need 1,541 cubic meters of hydrophobic concrete mix.

“Visually, the concrete structure resembles the shape of a bucket 29.8 meters long, but with an abrupt elevation change of 7.9 meters from the evaporative cooling tower to the block pumping station. Such a design feature is needed for optimal and fast water circulation, which ensures uninterrupted and safe power generation, - explained Andrey Osharin, first deputy director for the construction of new units. “The lower part of the canal is a bowl with a volume of 17,000 cubic meters with five permanent reinforced concrete blocks designed to regulate the culvert capacity of the hydraulic structure.”

The construction of a cold water outlet channel is one of the important stages in the preparation of the KuNPP-2 for commissioning. The channel will provide the heat exchange equipment with chilled water. In this case, water does not directly participate in the cooling of the reactor, but enters the turbine condensers for cooling and condensing steam in the secondary circuit, without being exposed to radiation.

Energy is the basis for the progressive social and economic development of the country, the supply of industry and citizens. The Russian fuel and energy complex continues the implementation of new projects and the planned renewal of capacities. This work is performed taking into account modern trends in digitalization and the replacement of imported equipment. Rosatom and its enterprises take an active part in this work.

Power units No. 1 and No. 2 of the KuNPP-2 of generation “3+” are pilot ones, being built according to the PWR-TOI project (standard optimized informatized pressurized water power reactor). This is a new project created by Russian designers (JSC Atomenergoproekt) on the basis of technical solutions for the NPP project with VVER-1200. They have improved technical and economic indicators. Compared to other 3+ generation power units, the VVER-TOI project assumes a significant reduction in the cost of construction, terms, and operating costs. The capacity of each power unit increased by 25%, up to 1255 MW compared to the power units of the operating Kursk NPP.

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