Smolensk nuclear scientists shared their experience in procurement activities with Armenian colleagues

The delegation of the Armenian NPP visited the Smolensk NPP to study the experience in the sphere of procurement activities and organization of external engineering support. The visit was organized by the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO).

As Oleg Gevorgyan, head of the department for preparing and carrying out repairs at the Armenian NPP, noted, providing high-quality and timely procurement activities is one of the important components of the successful implementation of repair work at the nuclear power plant. In this regard, the Russian experience is especially useful.

“It was interesting for us to learn how procurement procedures are performed at the Smolensk NPP to ensure repair work, how the process of purchasing materials and equipment is structured from submitting an application to accepting products at the site, to learn from the experience of building interaction between procurement employees and the technical service of the enterprise. We received answers to all our questions. We will apply the experience of the Smolensk NPP in our practice,” said Oleg Gevorkyan, head of the department for the preparation and repair of the Armenian NPP.

The Smolensk NPP pays great attention to procurement processes, which are built on the principles of maximum transparency and competitiveness. This is not just a legal requirement, but a mechanism that allows obtaining the best quality of products, works and services in order to solve an important state task - to provide consumers with power.

During the visit, the specialists of the Armenian NPP talked with the specialists of the Procurement Department, the Department of Production and Technological Equipment, the Department of Preparation and Repairs. They got acquainted with the Unified Industry Procurement Standard of Rosatom State Corporation, discussed topical issues of quality management of the supply of products needed for repairs, drawing up a procurement plan, legal support for contacts with suppliers, and determining the price limit for purchased equipment.

Russia continues to engage in a constructive dialogue with its foreign counterparts, developing cooperation with countries from all over the world and actively building a multipolar system of international relations.

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