A new modern full-scale simulator of the unit control panel of power unit No. 2 was put into operation at the Smolensk NPP

The modernized full-scale simulator (FSS-2) of the unit control panel (UCP) of power unit No. 2 of the Smolensk NPP was put into operation after the successful completion of acceptance tests by the acceptance committee of Rosenergoatom.

This is a development of the All-Russian Research Institute for the Operation of Nuclear Power Plants (VNIIAES, part of the control loop of Rosenergoatom, the Electric Power Division of Rosatom). Due to the expansion of the functionality of the FSS-2, both the efficiency of the personnel training process and the safety of operation of power unit No. 2 of the Smolensk NPP will increase.

Let us recall that the FSS was put into operation in 1999 and during this time it has been modernized three times. In 2023, its next global update was completed: the models of technological systems were finalized, new modern computer equipment was installed, construction and installation work were performed to bring the appearance of the simulator to full identity with the unit control panel of power unit No. 2.

“Modernization of the full-scale simulator of the main control room of power unit No. 2 and its commissioning for training operational personnel is a significant event for the Smolensk NPP. We are constantly improving our power units, equipping them with new equipment, reactor control systems and safety systems. Along with this, we are gradually modernizing full-scale simulators, on which operational personnel are trained and maintain their qualifications. Today, FSS-2 corresponds to the current state of the prototype power unit,” said Pavel Lubensky, director of the Smolensk NPP.

“VNIIAES specialists have finalized the mathematical models of more than two dozen technological systems - a neutron-physical model of the core, a thermal-hydraulic model of the multiple forced circulation loop and feed water system, a turbine control system, and much more. Updating of models of technological systems was performed at a specially equipped test site. After autonomous testing of the software, already directly in the training unit (TU) of the Smolensk NPP, the employees completed the adjustment of new equipment for simulators of consoles and control panels, conducted comprehensive tests of the software and hardware of the simulator,” says the Deputy Head of the Department for Mathematical Modeling of NPP Dynamics of JSC VNIIAES » Fyodor Voskresensky.

“Today, the updated full-scale simulator can simulate various operating modes of power unit No. 2, including accidents of various types, so that operational personnel can learn to overcome difficult situations, respond correctly to equipment failures and confidently stand behind a real control panel. In addition, the PMT-2 mathematical model makes it possible to train the personnel of the block control rooms for safe work according to the CPO (“Crew Performance Observation”) methodology, which is recommended by WANO for implementation at the Concern’s nuclear power plants to assess the basic principles of operators’ work,” said the head of the department of training of operational personnel of the TU SNPP Sergey Turapin.

In 2023, more than 60 operators of the control room-1 and 2 of the Smolensk NPP will be trained and maintained on the upgraded full-scale simulator. Besides, the program of their training includes conducting emergency response training with the participation of the OPAS group.

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