25.12.2020  Communications Department of ROSATOM

ROSATOM became a leader of sustainable development indexes sized by RSPP

The Committee for Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) December 23 announced results of calculations of sustainable development indexes (ESG indexes) “Responsibility and Openness” and “Sustainable Development Vector” of 2020.

ROSATOM became a leader in both groups (43 companies won highest results in the index “Responsibility and Openness” and 38 companies in the index “Sustainable Development Vector”). ROSATOM has demonstrated such high results for 5 straight years.

The complete list of companies which are part of the indexes may be found on RSPP website.

For reference:
RSPP indexes in sustainable development, corporate responsibility and reporting have been compiled since 2014. ROSATOM has been a leader in both indexes since 2016. RSPP indexes have been included in the international database of indexes and ratings in sustainable development The Reporting Exchange, as well as honored by a certificate of ISAR Honours of the UN Conference for Trade and Development (UNCTAD). The Moscow Stock Exchange calculates stock exchange ESG Indexes of Mosbirzha-RSPP “Responsibility and Openness” and “Sustainable Development Vector”. The main source of information for compiling indexes is public reporting of companies.

For many years, ROSATOM has conducted its activity considering the sustainable development agenda. The principles of sustainable development are put in the Long-Term Strategy of ROSATOM. In 2020, the Uniform Sectoral Sustainable Development Policy was adopted. This October ROSATOM joined the UN Global Compact, which is the largest international initiative for business in the corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.

ROSATOM voluntarily develops the public reporting system which allows for effective disclosure the sustainable development information called for by rating agencies, analysts and other stakeholders. In 2020, the Internet portal on public reporting has been launched.

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