Rostov NPP experts transmit unique knowledge and experience to foreign students

For the first time, instructors of the Rostov NPP training and education division (TED) conduct remote training for foreign students in the specialties "Nuclear Power Plants: Design, Operation and Engineering" and "Nuclear Physics and Technology". Classes are held via video link based on the Resource Center of JSC Rosatom operating in Volgodonsk Institute of Engineering, which is a branch of National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (VIE NRNU MEPhI).

122 foreign students from Turkey, the Republic of Bangladesh, and Uzbekistan study the subtleties of the nuclear profession, aiming at NPP construction and nuclear reactor management in their homeland in the near future.

Classes for students who come to Volgodonsk for practice are traditionally held using the resources of VIE NRNU MEPhI and Rostov NPP TED. The curriculum necessarily includes acquaintance with the operation of a nuclear power plant. This year, due to the epidemiological situation, the teaching format was changed to distance learning, so the teachers had to make significant adjustments to the teaching materials and programs.

“Training of foreign students is essential for the industry, because we are not only building stations based on Russian projects abroad, we are also teaching experts to work at them, to safely manage peaceful nuclear energy. The instructors working in our training and education division have extensive experience in production. Their experience and unique knowledge are systematically transferred to future young experts, ensuring the development of nuclear energy and increasing the level of operational safety of nuclear power units,” – Deputy Chief Engineer for Staff Training at the Rostov NPP Vladimir Popov noted.

Since the opening of the Rosatom Resource Center in Volgodonsk in 2015, more than 500 students from 25 countries have undergone training.

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