The Kalininsky Data Centre of the Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company has presented its own cloud storage to host the data of the e-learning platform Allis.School

The e-learning platform Allis.School, which has been developed as a part of the ‘Digital school’ federal project, is one of the key components in a digital learning environment. In accordance with the development plan, the digital learning environment is to be deployed in several schools across the Tver Region by the end of this year, and might then upscale to cover all Russian schools.

The digital learning environment provides an easy-to-use and powerful space to facilitate the teaching process using digital technologies, which is why the main criterion for a cloud storage is stable and secure access to the necessary information for students and teachers.

The cloud storage provided by the Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company is a ready-to-go secured cloud infrastructure. This is an IaaS solution that boasts a full range of certified protection mechanisms and all required documentation. A customer receives a pool of resources and can create any number of machines. The virtual data center is managed via a private accout.

‘We are interested in increasing the number of the Company’s cloud storage users. One of our primary tasks is to support the customers by providing a quality service. While using the cloud storage powered by our main data center, the Allis.School e-learning platform now has permanent 24/7/365 data access from anywhere in the world’, Sergey Migalin, the Economy & Finance Director of the Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company.

It is important to note that Rosenergoatom has been working on the data storage and processing area since 2015. The Kalininsky Data Center, the first one, became the primary data center for the Company and is now providing services on equipment hosting and virtual infrastructure rentals for the commercial clients.

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