03.04.2020  The Kursk NPP Information and Public Relations Department

The installation of the first power block’s turbine building framework columns has been completed at the Kursk NPP-2

It took almost two thousand tons of metal to erect the turbine building framework of the Kursk NPP-2 first power block. The installation began last September. As of now, the Titan-2 team has installed all 29 column, and the turbine hall has shaped up. The total amount of all metal structures of the turbine hall is 5,000 tons.

‘The circuit of the machinery hall at the +44 meter mark is now closed. We are now preparing for the installation of crane runway beams that will serve as a basis for travelling crane passages required to assemble and maintain the turbine’, Rostislav Kimlik, the deputy chief engineer of capital construction unit and the head of capital control department, said.

The next stage in erecting the turbine is the roofing installation, with the farms and the coating disc to be deployed. This is another massive structure with the total weight of 1,020 tons. Later on, the construction team will commence board lining with walling sandwich panels.

‘In the meantime, equipment is being installed in the building. This whole process takes a lot of time, and so far we have completed around 10% of it’, Rostislav Kimlik continued. ‘As a customer, we are in control of every stage of the construction and installation activities, and Atomstroyexport, our general contractor, helps us. We have no complaints with regard to the quality and the time lines of the services’.

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