The implementation of a new management model for Russian nuclear power plants has been discussed at the Kalinin NPP

The implementation of a new management model – an integrated management system (IMS) – was a key topic of the first annual seminar on sharing experience in IMS development held by the Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company. It was held at the Kalinin NPP on November 27, 2019. Representatives of the Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company, eight Russian nuclear power plants and AO Consist-OS took part in the seminar.

The integrated management system combines all aspects of company operations – safety, quality, labor protection, environment, physical safety, economy, energy efficiency, social responsibility and other processes. It helps in attaining goals and delivering the company’s mission.

‘Process management allows us to concentrate on the company results in general, not just on how each particular department works’, Vladimir Blinkov, the quality director at the Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company, said. He mentioned that, to evaluate the outcomes of attaining the goals, a number of process indicators are used to track any deviations from safety standards and to address those issues. The IMS has been developed, deployed, supported and constantly enhanced following the requirements of the international and national documents as well as the regulatory documents of the operating company and the Kalinin NPP.

The seminar participants discussed a wide range of questions: IMS functioning and development at nuclear power plants, quality systems certification, quality program implementation at NPPs and contracting companies. Special focus was on the experience of implementing the new management model within the companies.

While elaborating about the best practices and achievements, Sergey Molotov, the deputy chief engineer of the Kalinin NPP, presented a new format of audits that improves the performance of verifications and reduces their number.

Summarizing the outcomes, Vladimir Blinkov stressed that the IMS is being constantly improved and developed. ‘The sky is the limit for us. We are improving our operations all the time and strive to make the most of the management system. This is where the IMS is opening new opportunities for both the management and the staff’, V. Blinkov said. 

The Kalininskaya nuclear power plant is a branch of the Rosenergoatom. The station is located in the north of the Tver region in the Udomelskiy area. There are four power units with water-cooled power reactors (VVER-1000) with installed capacity of 1000 MW each in the structure of the Kalininskaya nuclear power station.

The up-to-date information on the nuclear environment close to the Russian NOOs and other nuclear objects is available at www.russianatom.ru

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