New robots at Rosenergoatom

New digital assistants for workflow optimization and streamlined operational efficiency have been introduced at the Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company.

The Company’s Digital Technologies Center has developed and implemented automated solutions to improve the efficiency of HR reporting and ongoing health condition monitoring for staff members. The automation of routine business processes is an integral part of the Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company’s digital transformation project.

Sergey Migalin, Deputy CEO and the Economy & Finance Director at Rosenergoatom, noted: ‘In terms of digital transformation, we seek the tools that yield true results, we are not tempted by buzzwords. The main goal of these digital assistants is to streamline the work processes and improve operational efficiency. These solutions help us obtain valid information quickly to take the right managerial decisions on the go, which is critical taking into account the current circumstances’.

The bot helps the HR service reduce their efforts on routine operations, speed the process up by a factor of 144 and frees up the team’s time for more important and creative assignments. The bot scraps specific parameters from huge Excel spreadsheets containing a large set of HR metrics, converts these parameters in a diagram and pastes it in a report or a presentation. The metrics system encompasses 63 indicators and over 8,000 values for 10 nuclear power plants and primary affiliates for the past 8 years. It takes the bot up to 10 minutes to produce diagrams, while it would take 3 working days for a human being. In addition to that, this automation eliminates any risk of human errors.

The second piece of software is a data analytics suite for daily health condition monitoring. The bot sends a daily survey to all CONSIST_OS (an affiliate of the Company) employees asking about their health, tasks, remote access to work materials and availability of personal protective equipment. The bot processes the information obtained from staff members and places it into the database. The information is then displayed as a chart and forwarded to shift engineers, who, in turn, produce a daily company report and send it over to the management.

Throughout its history, the ‘Cyber Physical Systems’ Competence Center of the Digital Technologies center has developed over 30 bots for routine process automation at the Electric power division.

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