12.03.2012  Public Relations and Information Office of Rosenergoatom concern OJSC

The “Rosenergoatom” Concern has successfully passed a certification of quality management system

The “Rosenergoatom” Concern has successfully passed a procedure of quality management system certification (QMS). The “Atomcertifica” INPO (the Independent Nonprofit Organization of “The Centre for certification of equipment, items and technologies for nuclear facilities, radiation sources and storage facilities”) has issued to the operating organization a corresponding certificate No.РОСС RU.0001.01АЭ00.77.11.0030 with three years validity.

Consequently, there was obtained an official confirmation that the Concern had secured all the necessary conditions for its safe and efficient operation.

QMS certification was held in accordance with the GOST R ISO 9001-2008 requirements of “The Quality Management System. The Requirements”, the NP-011-99 of “The Requirements for the quality assuring program for nuclear power plants”, as well as with the IAEA Safety Guide No.GS-R-3 of “The Management Systems of Nuclear Facilities and Activity”.

The “Rosenergoatom” Concern QMS certification procedure is held by the “Atomcertifica” INPO and “T?V Th?ringen” certification bodies supported by the Quality Management Directorate and “ENITS” OJSC.

The procedure held by “Atomcertifica” INPO also included assessment and certification audits of the Smolensk, the Novovoronezh, the Leningrad and the Kalinino NPPs, as well as of the Novovoronezh NPP-2, the Headquarters and the Project Design Branch. The Balakovo NPP has been included in the scope of the certificate without auditing, as already has a valid certificate of QMS issued by “Atomcertifica” INPO.

In its turn the “T?V Th?ringen” certifying body has held assessment audits of the Novovoronezh and the Kalinino NPPs’ QMS, as well as of the Headquarters for the compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 international standard requirements. By the end of March 2012 the Novovoronezh, the Kalinino NPPs and the Concern Headquarters will pass certification audit.

 The “Rosenergoatom Concern” includes all of the 10 NPPs of Russia, which have a status of branches of the Concern, and enterprises ensuring the activity of the generating company.

In total at the 10 NPPs of Russia there are about 17 power units  operated with VVER-type reactors (among them are 11 VVER-1000 power units and 6 VVER-440 power units of different modifications); 15 power units with channel boiling type reactors (11 RBMK-1000  power units, 4 EGP-6 power units); 1 BN-600 power unit.

The power generated by nuclear power plants in Russia - about 17%.

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