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Rosenergoatom: In 2016 Russian NPPs additionally generated about 1 billion kWh at the expense of optimization of power units repair time

In 2016 an additional generation of electric energy by Russian NPPs (the subsidiary companies of Rosenergoatom Concern) at the expense of power units repair time was summed about 1 billion kWh.

It is to be recalled that in 2016 Russian NPPs exceeded the achievement of the previous year and FAS balance by generating the record amount of electric energy – 196.366 billion kWh of electric energy (in oppose to 195.213 billion kWh in 2015).
As the Deputy General Director – Rosenergoatom Concern JSC Director for NPP construction and operation – Andrey Dementiev said, the power unit operation with capacity higher than balanced and reduced time for scheduled repair had made a significant contribution to the Concern’s achievement of target level generation of electric energy. The total optimization of repair time in 2016 was 107 twenty-four hours.

On 14-16 February during the annual meeting at Smolensk NPP under the guidance of the Rosenergoatom Concern JSC First Deputy General Director for operation Aleksandr Shutikov chief engineers of Russian NPPs discussed the results of operation activity in 2016, as well as main tasks for 2017.

Andrey Dementiev named the following key events of 2016: putting the power unit No 4 of Beloyarsk NPP in operation, putting the power unit No 6 of Novovoronezh NPP (the unit No 1 of Novovoronezh NPP-2) in pilot operation, getting the license for additional operating life of Kalinin NPP’s power unit No 2.

It was noted that ambitious programs of thermal and mechanical equipment reability growth have been executed successfully. Works on turbine condenser change at VVER power units are at the final stage, and the modernization of moisture separator reheaters and regulatory systems and turbo generators’ protection at Smolensk NPP’s power unit No 1 have been executed.
The Russian NPPs’ main task for 2017 is the state task on electric energy generation set by the Federal Antimonopoly Service in amount of 199.84 billion kWh. The nearest future task is to put the power unit No 6 of Novovoronezh NPP (the unit No 1 of Novovoronezh NPP-2) into industrial operation.

As the Chief Engineer of Smolensk NPP Aleksey Leschenko noted, in 2017 plant’s personnel would continue improving the safety culture for managers and workers. “The institute of authorized persons on safety culture has already been formed. In 2016 department managers have executed 650 supervision works on application of error prevention instruments during work execution by giving the personnel a feedback. After the power units commissioning, meetings of operating personnel and department management have been carried out in a round table form. 85.5% of respondents that have taken part in 5th periodic self-assessment of safety culture thinks that safety at Smolensk NPP is clearly recognized value that helps solving tasks of national importance of providing customers with electric energy”, he reported.

Smolensk NPP is the subsidiary company of Rosenergoatom Concern JSC. Annually SNPP delivers about 20 billion kWh of electric energy to the state’s energy system; that is about 13% of energy generated by Rosenergoatom Concern, and more than 80% of electric energy generated by all the energy providers of Smolensk Oblast.

At Smolensk NPP there is a twenty-four hours telephone-answering system that can give the information concerning the nuclear plant performance. The telephone number is 8 (48153) 3-21-24.

The latest information on radiation situation around Russian NPPs and other objects of nuclear industry can be found at www.russianatom.ru

Smolensk NPP Information and Communication Department.

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