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Key Production Results of 2020

REA JSC (Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company, hereinafter referred to as Rosenergoatom) is the only nuclear power plants operator in Russia and a major player on the Russian electricity market.

Its main business areas include power and heat generation at NPPs and acting as the operator of nuclear facilities (nuclear power plants), radiation sources and facilities storing nuclear materials and radioactive substances in accordance with Russian legislation.

The amount of electricity generated by nuclear power plants in 2020 equals to 215.745 billion kWh which is 103.9% of the balance sheet approved by the FAS of Russia and 103.3% of the actual amount of electricity generation in 2019.

Optimization of duration (by 391.5 days) of scheduled outages at nuclear units was the main factor contributing to generation of additional electricity by 8.13 billion kWh above the planned target of the FAS of Russia.

There are 38 nuclear power units1 in operation with their total installed capacity of 30.6 GW.

  • 1 ranked

    in total electricity generation among the largest generating companies in Russia

  • 2 ranked

    in nuclear power installed capacity in the world

  • 215,7 billion kWh

    of electricity generated by nuclear power plants in 2020

  • 30,6 gw

    of total installed capacity of Rosenergoatom NPPs

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Key Performance Indicators

Electricity generated by nuclear power plants
Electricity generated by nuclear power plants
  • the task of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation for electricity generation, billion kWh

  • NPP electricity generation, billion kWh

  • The RF FAS target, %

  • Electricity generated by nuclear power plants
    Electricity generated by nuclear power plants
  • Capacity factor, %
    Capacity factor, %
  • Total installed capacity, MW1
    Total installed capacity, MW1
  • LTIFR in Electric Power Division
    LTIFR in Electric Power Division
NPP share in the total volume of electricity production in the Russian Federation (for united power grids (UPG) of Russia), %, including:
NPP share in the total volume of electricity production in the Russian Federation (for united power grids (UPG) of Russia), %, including:
  • NPP share in the total volume of electricity production in the Russian Federation
  • NPP share Center UPG
  • NPP share North-West UPG
  • NPP share Middle Volga UPG
  • NPP share South UPG
  • NPP share Urals UPG
  • NPP share East UPG
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Events in 2020

  • Floating Nuclear Heat and Power Plant (FNHPP, Pevek town, Chukotka Autonomous District) was put in commercial operation

  • The heat from Floating NHPP was first supplied into Pevek heating line

  • Nuclear fuel loading of unit 2 with VVER-1200 reactor started at Leningrad-2.

  • Rosatom project on establishing a data processing center was launched in Tatarstan.

  • Unit 2 of Leningrad NPP-2 was connected to the grid and it supplied the first kilowatt-hours to the country’s power grid.

  • After 45 years of safe operation Unit 2 of Leningrad NPP with RBMK-1 000 reactor was finally shut down.

  • Russian NPPs fulfilled the FAS annual plan for electricity generation of 207.614 billion kWh ahead of the schedule.

Outcomes in the sustainable development

As one of the largest enterprises in the electric power industry and the only nuclear operator in Russia, Rosenergoatom has a significant impact on the socio-economic well-being of society and environment both in the host towns — the location of nuclear power plants and regions of business — and at the global level.

Rosenergoatom is aware of its economic, social and environmental responsibility to society and fully supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), for the achievement of which it is necessary to unite the efforts of governments, of the private sector, of the civil society and of all the inhabitants of the planet.

Nuclear power is fully consistent with the goals set to dramatically reduce СО2 emissions and to promote carbon-free energy. Russian NPPs annually prevent emissions of more than 100 million tons of СО₂ equivalent.

108,3 million tons

The amount of prevented emissions of СО₂ equivalent by Russian NPPs in 2020. This is almost 4 million tons of СО₂ equivalent more than the same indicator in 2019.

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Sustainable development cases

Volunteer teams have been organized at all enterprises in the industry. They got training and collected requests for assistance. At the end of 2020, 153 volunteers in the division completed more than 2,000 requests. Volunteers fulfilled requests from veterans, families of isolated employees and others in need. Psychological assistance was organized at some nuclear power plants. Assistance was provided to hospitals, doctors, nurses.
The express course of the School was 4 months long, and it consisted of 9 online lectures with practical tasks. The program included discussion of directions in volunteering, charity, ecology, healthy lifestyle and mentoring. More than 100 division employees, their children and relatives took part in the project.
About 60 applications were submitted for the competition. Prize-winning places: in the nomination "The best project in the field of CSR": 2nd place — "Culture of energy consumption among young people" (Galina 4, "AtomEnergoSbyt"). In the nomination "The best idea of a social or environmental project": 3rd place — "Eco-city, organization of separate collection of solid waste" (V. Korolev, Leningrad NPP). Four employees of the division received diplomas for socially significant projects.
About 200 participants collected 250 kg of necessities and food for animals. After that there was a visit to the Shcherbinka shelter for homeless animals (Moscow). The initiative was repeated at the enterprises of the division.
About 100 participants — volunteers, volunteer teams were formed. Training program included topics:
  • resistance — how to cope with stress and emotions;
  • resource — what and for whom is volunteering;
  • empathy — how to work with elderly people;
  • future — how else we can help.
Participants got training completion certificates
Rosenergoatom volunteers thanked workers of medical institutions that have departments for the recovery of COVID-19 patients for their work and assistance. Volunteers delivered 150 kg of pies for the employees of FMBA hospitals No 6, 83, 85; a coffee machine and food were purchased for the admission department of the hospital, where shifts work 24/7.
50 employees of Rosenergoatom, students of MEPhI took part in the event. Young people and volunteers took part in the renovation of the territory of the former war graves in the "Old City". The "Cranes" installation, partly purchased by Rosenergoatom, was erected there. Assistance was provided to the city authorities in planting trees, shrubs and flowers on one of the central streets of Obninsk. A memorial plaque was installed on the facade of the house where A.I. Leipunsky lived.
The monument was erected on the site of the former military grave of those who died in the Great Patriotic War. Rosenergoatom assisted in acquiring the monument. Rosenergoatom volunteers took the monument under patronage.
Employees presented their and theirs families’ hand-made products — pictures, toys, handicrafts, knitting and many others — more than 200 items. 70 employees took part in the fair, and the collected amount of 81.4 thousand rubles was directed to charity.