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30 October 2015
Beloyarsk NPP: WANO experts praised the strong scientific potential of nuclear scientists
"The specialists of the Beloyarsk NPP have very strong scientific potential. Here, in engineering support operation, people with academic titles work - candidates and doctors of sciences," - this feature was noted by one of the experts of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) Andrew Zababurin.

22 October 2015
"Beloyarsk NPP at the forefront of science and Rosatom"
Such an opinion was expressed by the Chief Engineer of the Kolskaya NPP Vladimir Matveev at the end of the bypass of the new power unit №4 with reactor BN-800 unit at the Beloyarsk NPP, which was made by the participants of the meeting for Chief Engineers of Russian NPPs.

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Beloyarsk NPP named after I.Kurchatov is the first child of the large-scale nuclear power engineering of the USSR.

The plant has three reactors: two slow-neutron reactors and one fast-neutron reactor.

The 1st unit with AMB-100 reactor was shut down in 1981, the 2nd with AMB-200 – in 1989.

Beloyarsk NPP 3rd unit
Type of reactor BN-600
Capacity, MW 600
Date of launch 08.04.80
Electricity production, mln KWh 3,835.4
For own needs, % 7.55
Length of service, effective days 266
Capacity factor, % 72.99

Presently, the plant has one fast-breeder reactor with an electric capacity of 600 MW. It was launched in 1980 and is the first industrial fast-breeder reactor in the world.

The experience of 3rd unit of Beloyarsk NPP is a good basis for the further development of fast-breeder reactors. The unit is a prototype of bigger units with BN-800 reactors.

A comfortable modern city has been built for the constructors and employees of Beloyarsk NPP on the shore of a lake amidst picturesque pine woods. The city has a college that trains nuclear power engineers.