The Leningrad NPP fullfilled the 2021 plan for the production of cobalt-60 prior to the scheduled date

The Leningrad NPP (a branch of Rosenergoatom) produces the isotope cobalt-60, which is used in the production of gamma radiation sources that are widely used in many industries.

“To date, we have fulfilled the annual plan for the production of cobalt-60 by 129%,” said Stanislav Silvestruk, head of the department of radiation technologies of the Leningrad NPP. "About 20% of the industrial cobalt sources produced annually in the world is made from cobalt-60 produced by the Leningrad NPP."

Industrial sources of ionizing radiation based on cobalt-60 are a valuable product demanded all over the world. They are intended in particular for sterilization and disinfection of food products and medical instruments and materials; stimulating the growth and productivity of grain and vegetable crops; disinfection and treatment of industrial effluents, solid and liquid wastes of various types of industries, refinement and hardening of wood products, hardening of various types of special-purpose glass and its coloring.

Cobalt-60 is produced artificially. Cobalt absorbers are loaded into the reactor plant. The irradiation process takes 5 years. The isotope has been produced at the Leningrad NPP for over 20 years.

Today power units No. 3, 4, 6 are in operation at the Leningrad NPP and are carrying the load in accordance with the dispatch schedule, unit No. 5 is under repair.

The radiation situation at the industrial site and in the control area is within the natural background values.

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