International team of the IAEA experts has started to audit the operational safety of the Kalinin NPP

The Kalinin NPP has launched the largest international operational safety audit - the OSART mission (OSART - Operating Safety Review Team). It is being conducted by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) at the invitation of the Government of the Russian Federation and the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom.

The OSART team includes IAEA experts from Austria, Slovakia, Germany, France, the USA, Czech Republic and South Africa. During three weeks they will assess the Kalinin NPP performance in 9 spheres: leadership and management for safety, training and certification, operation, maintenance and repair, technical support, the use of operational experience, radiation protection, chemistry, accident management.
As team leader Ronan Kavellek explained, the OSART mission is a globally recognized effective instrument for an independent assessment of the operational safety of nuclear power plants in terms of international rules and regulations.

In the process of the mission, experts will interview the personnel of the nuclear power plant, observe the performance of production operations, analyze the documentation associated with specific areas of assessment, study the methods and content of communication between management and personnel.

“We have a unique opportunity to present the Kalinin NPP to the IAEA and demonstrate our commitment to the main goal - the safe operation of the nuclear power plant. It is a great honor for us to receive an objective assessment of the NPP operational safety at a high level,” said Viktor Ignatov, Director of the Kalinin NPP.

The OSART mission will last at the Kalinin NPP until November 26. Based on the conducted assessment, the experts will develop a report containing proposals and recommendations for improving the operation of the nuclear power plant.

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