WANO peer review started at the Smolensk NPP

A full-scale project informed peer review of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) has started at the Smolensk NPP. The international team includes 17 experienced experts from Iran, Belarus, Armenia, Bulgaria and Russia, their total experience in the nuclear industry is 430 years.

 “The main goal of the peer review is to help improve the safety and reliability of the Smolensk NPP by comparing the level of its operation with the high quality standards existing in the world,” said team leader Anatoly Zinchenko. “We plan to identify areas for improvement that the team will need to work on to help achieve this goal. We will also identify its strengths, which is important for the nuclear power plant itself and for other nuclear power plants, with which we will share the results”.

Until September 24, experts will assess the state of safety at the Smolensk NPP in 19 directions. The team of experts will analyze the technical and operational documentation, conduct interviews with employees, observe the production and technological processes, as well as the work of the control room personnel on a full-scale simulator according to the international methodology "Crew Performance Observation" (CPO). The Smolensk NPP will become a pioneer in CPO among nuclear power plants with RBMK reactors.

 “The Smolensk NPP has repeatedly hosted WANO peer reviews at its site. This is a really effective instrument that helps to identify the directions for improving and increasing the safety and reliability of the nuclear power plant, - said Director of the Smolensk NPP Pavel Lubensky. An objective assessment of independent international experts, their experience and accumulated knowledge base is very important for the further development of our activity. Our team is open for cooperation and building professional and trusting relationships.

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