WANO International experts to inspect Kola NPP

A preliminary visit of experts from the Moscow Center of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO MC) is taking place at the Kola NPP. It is preceding a peer review to be held at the nuclear power plant in October this year, with international experts among its participants.

During the week, the WANO team led by Anatoly Zinchenko will study the state of affairs at the nuclear power plant in such areas as: operation, chemistry, repair, radiation safety, engineering support, personnel training, fire protection, organization and administration.

To welcome the participants of the event, the chief engineer of the Kola NPP, Vladimir Matveev, expressed hope for constructive and fruitful cooperation and stressed that the specialists of the nuclear power plant would like transparency in safety issues.

The purpose of the pre-visit is to ensure mutual understanding of the tasks and methodology of the future peer review, to perform walk-arounds of the working premises of the Kola NPP, as well as to monitor the work of personnel and to conduct interviews with managers.

During the audit, the WANO team will address the areas of corporate leadership, governance, oversight and monitoring, independent oversight, support and efficiency, human resources and communication.

This will be the fifth WANO peer review at the Kola NPP, and it will be completed on April 10. A protocol for organizing a WANO peer review at the Kola NPP site will be agreed after that.

WANO is a non-profit organization and not a supervisory authority. The association was founded in 1989. Its members are included in four regional centers according to the types of reactors: Atlanta, Moscow, Paris and Tokyo. The Association's activities are aimed at realizing the main goal, which is to maximize the safety and reliability of NPP operation by exchanging information, facilitating establishment of contacts among WANO members, comparing the results of their work, and introducing best practices. 

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