04.02.2021  The Kursk NPP Information and Public Relations Department

Kursk NPP-2: reinforcement works for the turbine unit base have started in the power unit No. 1 turbine building

The Kursk NPP-2 construction team has completed the first key task of 2021 – they have started reinforcing an upper foundation slab for the turbine unit of the power unit No. 1. The turbine unit will be subsequently installed on this base.

‘The upper foundation slab is the final constructive part of the turbine unit base. The entire base consists of a lower foundation slab and 20 reinforced concrete columns of the frame, which are joined up into a structural entity by the upper foundation slab. The turbine unit – comprised of the turbine and the turbo genera-tor – will be installed on this base. The thickness of the upper foundation slab will vary from four to five meters in different parts,’ explained Alexey Buldygin, head of the Capital Construction Department.

20-meter columns of the frame are placed in the underground and above-ground parts of the turbine building. The purpose of the frame is to transfer the load from the turbine unit to the foundation slab of the building. This allows to minimize the level of vibrations transmitted from the turbine unit through the foun-dation to the adjacent turbine building structures and to the base.

Construction team performs reinforcement of 3.5 to 6 tons a day. In total, about 400 tons of reinforcement will be placed into the upper foundation slab. Slab reinforcement is to be finished in April; then concrete pouring will start.

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