Unique equipment to supply power to the North-Western region from the VVER-1200 NPU No 6 delivered to the Leningrad NPP

Large electrical equipment arrived at the Leningrad NPP by sea. Its first assembly part weighs 333 tons in transport condition. The equipment is comprised of the giant autotransformer, which arrived at the Leningrad NPP across the Gulf of Finland. This is only one of the four power autotransformers that will be delivered in parts to the nuclear power plant.

The entire autotransformer complex will be installed at the OSU-750 of Leningrad NPP - an open switchgear from where the nuclear power plant's electricity goes to consumers in the North-West region.

The unique equipment was manufactured at a Russian plant in the Kolpinsky district of St. Petersburg and is installed as part of the modernization and expansion of the ORU-750 in connection with the commissioning of new capacities for the VVER-1200 power units, in particular, the 6th power unit of LNPP-2.

Aleksandr Rudnik, Deputy Chief Engineer for Electrical Equipment at the Leningrad NPP-2: “With the help of this equipment, we can increase the energy reliability of the North-West region and at the same time solve the most important task of import substitution. When we announced a tender for the manufacture of this equipment, the largest foreign companies showed interest in it, but the order was placed at our domestic enterprise, which turned out to be the right decision. We have received the first phase of this equipment now. The rest are on the way, and very soon we will be able to connect all the power units of the Leningrad NPP into a single power distribution scheme”.

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