Rosenergoatom has resumed the HR labs on the implementation of Industry 4.0.* technologies

HR Tech Lab 2.0., the first lab to take place in 2020, was dedicated to HR robot process automation as a part of the staff digital transformation. The lab was attended by representatives of the Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company’s HQ, the NPPs’ and the affiliate companies’ HR departments.

A number of external speakers participate in the event, including the HR-tech Lead at CROC, Alexey Sidorin, and the RPA department head at Alfa-Bank, Konstantin Kriuchkov. The Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company’s HQ was represented by Konstantin Rudenko, a project manager at the HR Process Department Group, who shared his experience.

During the meetings, the attendees told the audience about their best practices and achievements in terms of HR robot process automation.

Alexey Sidorin elaborated on how automation software can make life easier for an HR department and how robots can be trained to hire and onboard new employees, process annual leave requests and issue certificates. There is no need for personnel to be apprehensive about the robots as the latter would only undertake routine assignments. Any creative or strategic tasks are better handled by humans.

Konstantin Kriuchkov shared a few case studies on how, starting from 2017, his team has been introducing automation software – the hurdles they have initially encountered, the way they looked for robot automation-suitable HR processes, and the results they have attained.

Konstantin Rudenko told about the routine process automation successes that Rosenergoatom has managed to reach since 2018. Among the main ones are the decreased load on personnel, process acceleration and a drop in the number of errors. More specialists have now been freed from routine processes and can focus solely on new processes development.

The event participants were particularly excited about the benefits of robot process automation. As a result, the NPPs’ representatives reviewed their own internal processes and defined over 40 operations that can be automated.

The next step will be to prioritize the items on that list, lay our all the details, work out an implementation plan and introduce robots into the NPPs’ HR processes.

* Industry 4.0 – as a general term, it refers to the current trend of automation and data exchange, which also encompasses cyber physical systems, Internet of Things and cloud computing. It represents a new level of corporate organization and value chaing management throughout the whole production life cycle.

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