03.07.2020  The Kursk NPP Information and Public Relations Department

The installation of the 2nd power unit’s turbine set substructure skeleton pillars has been completed at the Kursk NPP-2

The construction team has delivered another key milestone at the Kursk NPP-2 by completing the installation of twenty turbine set skeleton pillars from -7.000 to 0.000 mark at the 2nd power unit’s turbine hall. It took 5 months for the team of AO ‘Titan-2 Company’ to complete the job. The total amount of concrete used for the construction was 732 sq.m., and the carcass weighs 96 tons.

The skeleton pillars cater for load transfer from the turbine set to the baseplate. This helps to minimize the vibrations from the turbine set going through the baseplate to the turbine hall basis and adjoining structures.

‘In addition to the turbine set skeleton pillars, we have also completed the boundary walls as well as the substructure basis. The underground part of the turbine set is around 70% ready’, Nikolay Mitrofanov, first deputy director at the Kursk NPP in charge of new power unit’s construction, noted.

The next stage of the turbine set skeleton construction is the installation of a monolithic floor at the 0.000 mark, which has hard grappling into a single monolithic structure with the boundary walls, the turbine set skeleton pillars, the substructure pillars, and the underground baseplates. The construction team is to start concreting the first flooring section early July.

All in all, since the beginning of this year, 7 out of 13 key milestones have been achieved.

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