The Leningrad NPP: Rostekhnadzor has completed the readiness test for the physical launch of the 6th VVER-1200 power block

The commission from the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor) has completed a scheduled test to verify the Leningrad NPP VVER-1200 6th power block and confirmed it is highly ready to start the physical launch, which will be the first time when nuclear fuel us uploaded into the reactor core.

The verification was held in accordance with the regulations of the Russian Federation and took two weeks. The commission team members worked in different formats. Apart from the documentation check, they reviewed the power block’s elements and equipment, checked the operation of technological systems, visited the operational staff workplaces and interviewed them to verify their level of professional training and qualifications.

As a result of the verification, a statement was made along with an action plan to resolve the issues identified. Once this plan has been put into action, following a resolution from Rostekhnadzor, the plant will obtain a license to operate a nuclear facility with no generation. ‘As of now, we are on the final stage of measures preceding the physical launch of the Leningrad NPP VVER-1200 6th power block. We are currently reviewing the equipment, following which we will be ready for the first fuel upload. We are planning to be at the physical start-up stage in the middle of summer’, Alexander Belyaev, the chief engineer at the Leningrad NPP-2, said.

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