The ‘hot trial’ of the reactor facility at the Leningrad NPP-2 2nd power block has been completed

The ‘hot trial’ of the reactor facility, the last and the most extreme test preceding the physical start-up, has been completed at the Leningrad NPP-2 VVER-1200 2nd power block. The team had fully shut down the regular electricity supply of the power block and tested the operation of its technological and safety systems under the modeled conditions.

The ‘hot trial’ is a full simulation of reactor facility operation, including its extreme modes. The trials were run without using nuclear fuel, with dummy assemblies in the core. The ‘operational parameters’ were reproduced thanks to the primary circulation pumps and electric heaters in the pressurizer, with the water temperature reaching 282 oC and the pressure coming up to 160 atmospheres. During the ‘hot trial’, 150 tests of different pieces of equipment at the reactor hall were held, including the reactor itself, the steam generators, the primary circulation pumps, etc. Those were accompanied by safety, management and reactor protection systems trials. There was a maximum set of trials and tests with various scenarios, including the emergency ones.

‘The trials have been successfully completed. The goal of a ‘hot trial’, which is to verify that the main and the auxiliary equipment and the technological systems can operate under designated conditions – has been achieved’, Alexander Belyaev, the chief engineer of the Leningrad NPP-2, noted.

Currently, the 2nd power block is undergoing the equipment inspection, which will be followed by a license to conduct a so-called ‘physical launch’. This is the stage when fresh nuclear fuel will be uploaded into the reactor core for the first time. The commissioning of the power block is scheduled for Q1 2021.


The Leningrad NPP is the largest electric power producer in the North-West. It accounts for 30% of the total electric power output. Each second light bulb in St Petersburg and the Leningrad Region are powered by one of the four power blocks of the Leningrad NPP. 

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