20.03.2020  The Kursk NPP Information and Public Relations Department

The steel fiber reinforced concrete panel production shop at the Kursk NPP-2 has reached its design capacity

This is the first time when steel fiber reinforced concrete panels are used for NPP construction. Retained forms half the time lines required for the construction, according to the team working at the Kursk NPP-2.

Sergey Malinin, the CEO at the Nuclear Industry Construction Companies Association, has personally verified that the construction is organized in an efficient manner. He stated that implementing such project in Kursk is a huge milestone.

‘As of today, using steel fiber reinforced concrete panels is considered to be the most cutting-edge industrial technology for large-scale construction projects’, Sergey Malinin noted. ‘The first experience our construction team in Kursk obtained when launching and operating the shop is very important as we plan to deploy it at our foreign sites’.

The shop was launched last July. The specialists have now trialed the technology and fully cover the demand for steel fiber reinforced concrete panels at the construction site.

‘We started at 2.5 cubes per day, now we are delivering 6.5-7. This is the supply the construction needs nowadays’, Nikolay Mitrofanov, the first deputy director of new blocks construction, said. ‘We have to produce 1,760 cubes this year. We have already delivered 180 of them, and we still have enough capacity to cater for the growing scale of NPP construction’.

Steel fiber reinforced concrete panels are lightweight yet solid thanks to the steel fiber catering for extra robustness. They don’t need any finishing, and there is no need for glazing or plastering. These panels are used for the construction of reactors and turbine buildings as well as other Kursk NPP-2 facilities. 

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