The Kalinin NPP environment management system complies with the National Standard of the Russian Federation

The Kalinin NPP environmental management system (EMS) complies with the National Standard of the Russian Federation GOST R ISO 14001-2016 and the international ISO14001:2015. This statement was made by Tatyaka Rachkova, a representative of OOO DCS-RUS, the international certification body, during the follow-up inspection audit taking place at the Kalinin NPP on March 10-12, 2020.

During those three days, the auditor analyzed the way the EMS functions at the company, reviewed the environment protection and conservation documents, verified how the standards are complied with at different departments and how the company’s environmental policy is being implemented.

‘The environmental management system at the Kalinin NPP has been functioning and gradually improving since 2011. No discrepancies were found by the audits held during that time’, Tatyana Rachkova said.

She has also noted that the Kalinin NPP management and staff are very committed to constantly improving the environmental management system and advancing the company’s results in terms of environment protection.

According to Andrey Danilkin, the head of environment protection department at the Kalinin NPP, the EMS audit is not limited to verifying the compliance with the standard. ‘We are aimed at obtaining an independent and impartial evaluation as well as identifying risks and possible areas for improvement’, Mr. Danilkin noted. ‘The goal of the environmental management system is to effectively organize the environment protection work and, as a result, to minimize the company’s impact on the environment’.

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