A team of international experts has supervised the maintenance of the Beloyarsk NPP

A group of experts representing The World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO)* has paid a preliminary visit to the Beloyarsk NPP prior to the upcoming partnership verification.

For 5 days, a group of seven experts headed by Victor Livinsky (Ukraine) studied the status of the nuclear power plant with regard to the maintenance and administrative management. The pre-visit goal was to discuss the terms of the upcoming verification and the contents of the preliminary information package.

‘The primary task for our team is to compile a report that will be helpful for the nuclear power plant in terms of best practices implementation’, Victor Livinsky told during the final briefing. ‘The experts have observed the process of planned maintenance currently in progress at the Beloyarsk NPP 3rd power block. Besides, we have managed to speak to the company management and to discuss how they work with the personnel and the subcontractors. The NPP team has proven to be transparent and committed to delivering top quality. We have been very impressed with the plant, and the team is very seasoned, professional and dedicated towards the safety culture’.

The WANO planned partnership verification at the Beloyarsk NPP is scheduled for June 2020 and will feature 23-25 international experts. Experts observing the operating staff activities will be one of the most effective verification tools. These checks will be held at a large-scale simulator, which is a copy of the BN-800 main control room. Three shifts of operating staff will be responding to emergency situations following the scenarios developed by the experts. The teams will have to both run typical algorithms and make their own decisions.

It is important to note that the Beloyarsk NPP accounts for 16% of power supply to the Sverdlovsk region, where 4.3 million people live. Currently, the 4th power block of the Beloyarsk NPP runs in accordance with the schedule, while the 3rd power block is undergoing planned maintenance. 

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