By the end of 2019, the Beloyarsk NPP will have produced over 9.7 billion kWh of electric power

The Beloyarsk NPP intends to deliver over 9.7 billion kWh of electric power by the end of 2019. This is 0.9 billion kWh on top of the NPP’s output in 2018.

The Beloyarsk NPP’s share in the total electric power production of all the electric power plants in the Sverdlovsk region (catering both for their own power needs and delivering electricity to adjacent regions) is around 16%.

Ivan Sidorov, the director of the Beloyarsk NPP, noted: ‘The departing year was our anniversary: it’s been 55 years since our nuclear power plant became a reliable supplier of electric power into the Ural power grid. We have a lot to be proud of at the Beloyarsk NPP’s anniversary: during its service, the plant has produced 200 billion kWh of electric power. The upcoming year will be the anniversary for both Rosatom and the Beloyarsk NPP: the 75th anniversary of the Russian nuclear power industry, the 40th anniversary of our BN-600 reactor power block, the 5th anniversary of our BN-800 power block’.

One of the most expected events of the coming year at the Beloyarsk NPP is obtaining a license from Rostekhnadzor to extend the design life of the BN-600 power block. It has been supplying electricity to the region residents since 1980, and it has the necessary capabilities to continue its service to the society and the manufacturing.

The team facilitating reliable and safe operation of the Beloyarsk NPP has proven its professional expertise multiple times at competitions of all types. In 2019, the Beloyarsk team won a set of gold and a set of silver medals (a participant + an expert) at the divisional professional REASkills championship, a set of silver medals at the AtomSkills industry competition and 2 sets of gold medals at the National WorldSkills Hi-Tech Championship.

At all time, safety is the top priority for the Beloyarsk NPP, while its mission is to perform economically effective generation and reliable supply of heat and electric power to consumers while complying with all types of safety standards.

The Beloyarsk NPP has come into operation in April 1964. The first power blocks of the Beloyarsk NPP with thermal reactors AMB-100 and AMB-200 has been closed after the accumulated running time. The power block with a fast industrial capacity reactor BN-600 is still on. The power block with a fact reactor BN-800Н is currently being prepared for coming into operation. 

The up-to-date information on the nuclear environment close to the Russian NOOs and other nuclear objects is available at www.russianatom.ru 

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