The Public Chamber of the Kursk region spoke highly of the Kursk NPP-2 construction safety standards

On November 19, 2019, the representatives of the Public Chamber of the Kursk region paid a visit to the Kursk NPP-2 construction site. The delegation had a meeting with the management of the nuclear power unit, the representatives of the master developer, the ASE Engineering Company, the construction workers, and reviewed the progress of the replacement plant construction.

‘VVER-TOI is a flagship Russian nuclear power plant project aimed at mass construction both in Russia and all over the world. The new power blocks’ life span is 60 years with an option to extend it up to 80 years. They encompass the most cutting-edge technology solutions and the best of their predecessors, VVERs. Apart from the extended life span, the capacity has been increased, the reactor facility, the building and construction arrangements have been modified. VVER-TOI is an evolutionary step in the nuclear power industry’, Viacheslav Fedyukin, the director of the Kursk NPP, spoke about the advantages of the project.

Nikolay Mitrofanov, the first deputy director of new power blocks’ construction, told the guests from the Public Chamber about the current events at the construction site: a new milestone is coming, which is the completion of the 2nd power block’s normal operation power supply building construction reinforcement. This is one of the key buildings required for the operation of the nuclear power. It will house electric systems facilitating the operation of the power block’s equipment. In parallel, the construction team is getting ready to install the 1st power block’s thrust truss. This is a piece of the reactor vault equipment designed to firmly affix the reactor vessel. The 2nd power block’s molten core catcher is scheduled to be installed at its final position until the end of the year.

‘The replacement power block will take over the existing NPP, which will enable our region to continue with its social programs and strengthen its economic positions’, Alexey Lazarev, the chairman of the Public Chamber of the Kursk region, noted. ‘We have no concerns regarding the safety of the object under construction. This is a top-notch project, and we are proud to have it implemented in our region’.

*The 3+ generation 1st and 2nd power blocks of the Kursk NPP-2 are pilot projects constructed based on the VVER-TOI project (pressurized water type reactor standard optimized). This is a new designed elaborated by Russian specialists (ASE Group, the engineering division of the Rosatom State Corporation) on top of the technical solutions of the VVER-1200 NPP project. Compared to the previous-generation power blocks (VVER-1000), the capacity of each has been increased by 25%, up to 1,255 megawatt. The life span of the major equipment has doubled. The new Kursk NPP-2 power blocks comply with the most recent safety regulations set by the IAEA.

The developer and the technical customer of the facility is the Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company. The general designer and the general contractor is ASE.

As of now, the 1st, the 2nd and the 4th power block of the Kursk NPP run at the capacity set in the dispatch schedule. The 3rd power block is undergoing scheduled maintenance.

The radiation background at the Kursk NPP and within its location area is within the limit of normal power block operation and does not exceed the natural background level.

All up-to-date information about the radiation environment next to the Russian NPPs and other nuclear power facilities is available at www.russianatom.ru

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