An IAEA expert is to share his experience of global leadership and management of the safe power blocks operation processes with the Beloyarsk NPP team

On April 9 – 11, 2019, an IAEA expert Miroslav Lipar (Slovakia) is holding a seminar named ‘The leadership and management’ for the Beloyarsk NPP management and operation teams.

This seminar is held as a part of the preparations for the OSART (Operational Safety Review Team) mission, which is to take place at the Beloyarsk NPP in 2021.

These preparations comprise a set of subject-matter seminars delivered by the IAEA, which will enable the Beloyarsk NPP to take advantage of the world’s best practices to facilitate reliable and safe operation of its power blocks that produce one-seventh of the total electric power consumed in the Sverdlovsk Region.

During the seminar, the expert has outlined the IAEA requirements towards leadership and management, the trends and the key tenants of the OSART mission dedicated to the subject, and drew the team’s attention to the documentation preparation. Miroslav Lipar has also visited the workplaces at the Beloyarsk NPP, familiarized himself with the staff physical and mental recovery room at the 4th power block, reviewed the way the production meeting headed by the director is held, took a look at the ‘RECORD” annual staff evaluation programs, the key performance indicators and the career development qualification charts, learned about the NPP’s production and technology operations, etc.

The Beloyarsk NPP has come into operation in April 1964. The first power blocks of the Beloyarsk NPP with thermal reactors AMB-100 and AMB-200 has been closed after the accumulated running time. The power block with a fast industrial capacity reactor BN-600 is still on. The power block with a fact reactor BN-800Н is currently being prepared for coming into operation.

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