10.04.2019  Communications Department of Rosenergoatom

The Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock company will take part in ATOMEXPO-2019, the major even in the industry

The Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company (a part of the Electric Power Division of the Rosatom State Corporation) will take part in the XI International ATOMEXPO-2019 Forum held on April 15-16 in Sochi at the Main Media Hall.

This year, the Company’s products will be demonstrated at 4 out of 7 sectors of the international exhibition of the Forum.

The Company offers a wide array of services to its foreign partners at all stages of an NPP life cycle.

The ‘Generation and service’ zone will exhibit three new business products:

1. The ‘Reactor annealing’ technology restores the physical and mechanical parameters of the reactor vessel’s metal and extends its life span up to 60 years.

2. The ‘Virtual and digital NPP’ software suite developed by the Electric Power Division will serve as a basis to create full-scale new-generation simulators that imitate the processes as closely to a real power block as possible and that can be used at VVER-reactor power plants both in Russia and abroad.

3. The automated technical documentation control system (an ‘E-shop’), which was designed to help novice nuclear power countries that are just forming their technical documentation basis during the nuclear power plants’ construction using Russian reactor designs.

At the ‘New businesses’ sector, the product of the Company’s affiliate ‘S-PLUS’, the ‘Cloud service’, will be demonstrated for the first time alongside the ‘Mendeleev’ Data Center (DC). This solution unifies all the business processes for the sales and networking companies, the consumers and the market regulators, into a single information space.

The ‘NPP construction’ sector will showcase an interactive working diagram of the innovative 3+ generation VVER-1200 power blocks of the Leningrad NPP. The visitors can familiarize themselves with both the design and the expertise of the nuclear power industry’s construction set in developing such projects as well as learn more about the specifics of the project and its safety systems. The new power blocks serve as a reference for international projects that Rosatom carries out all over the world.

At the ‘NFC closure’ department, the visitors can learn about the unique Russian development – The Suite of solid radioactive waste plasma reprocessing at the Novovoronezh NPP site. The recycling helps to cut the amount of waste by up to 40 times, and the output is fully safe for the environment.

The representatives of the Division will take part in the Forum’s extensive business program.

On April 15, the Rusatom Service Company (an affiliate of the Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company), which is an industry-specific nuclear infrastructure coordination center of Rosatom, is holding a roundtable on the subject ‘The establishment of nuclear infrastructure as a crucial part of nuclear projects sustainability’ where the management of the key nuclear agencies and organizations from Egypt, Zambia, the UAE, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Finland, as well as the representatives of the World Nuclear Association and the IAEA participate.

On April 16, Oleg Chernikov, the First Deputy Director of NPP Production and Operation, will deliver a speech during the ‘Building the safe future together’ roundtable hosted by the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) and tell about the value of the WANO for both novice countries and those having strong experience in the NPP operation.

Additionally, the Division has organized two special events for the Lecture Hall located at the sustainable development site of the Main Media Center, specifically:

  • On April 15 – a hands-on session: ‘Training the NPP operation staff. Modern trends and practices in the nuclear power industry’.
  • On April 16, to cover the topic of the human capital development in the industry, the ‘Seminar on fostering cooperation in the realm of training and staff development as a part of the ENEN-RU Forum’ will be held, where the participants are to discuss the progressing cooperation of the Russian educational institutions with the European Nuclear Education Network.

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