The first completely indigenous hardware and software complex for creating an infrastructure of virtual workplaces appeared in Russia with support from Rosenergoatom

The Astra Linux GC and the Delta Solutions GC have developed the first completely indigenous hardware and software complex (HSC) in Russia for deploying virtual workplace infrastructures on the basis of their own products. The project was implemented by order of Rosenergoatom and has already successfully passed the first tests.

Today, virtualization of the workplace is a global trend, which essentially means the transfer of a computer and all its applications to the so-called "virtual" state, thereby allowing «untying» the user from the specific «hardware» and providing remote access from any place in the world.

The project, completed as part of the implementation of the program of the Government of the Russian Federation on import substitution, was developed by order of Rosenergoatom (part of the Electric Power Division of Rosatom State Corporation), which also acted as its reference customer.

Experts have already carried out integration stress tests of the new complex, and the test results have shown that it functions steadily and correctly. Now the capacities of the PAC allow organizing a fault-tolerant configuration for the simultaneous operation of 1 thousand users, and in the future their number will increase by a factor of ten.

It is noteable that the new PAC is completely designed on the basis of indigenous products: starting from the operating system (OS), virtualization tools and VDI connection broker to servers and storage systems. The operating system of the Astra Linux family, the PC "Virtualization Tools" Brest" and the connection manager Termidesk for Astra became the software base for it. Russian servers and storage systems Delta Сomputers (part of the Delta Solutions Group of Companies) were used as hardware.

The developers’ future plans include expanding the composition of the PAC with the indigenous system of backup and data recovery RuBackup.

According to Ilya Sivtsev, general director of the Astra Linux GC, all this will allow companies that will use the new PAC to significantly reduce the cost of IT systems, as well as ensure their centralized and convenient administration and secure remote work of employees. “It is important for us that the first implementation of the complex is taking place at Rosenergoatom, since the Concern is now implementing a project of transferring infrastructure to Russian solutions, which cannot be compared with any other in scale. This is a confirmation of the high competitiveness of our PAC,” he said.

In turn, Deputy General Director – Director for Economics and Finance of Rosenergoatom Sergey Migalin explained that during the pandemic, the Concern indeed began to actively use virtual workplaces based on Astra Linux, but in 2021 the company faces an even more global task - import substitution of all hardware. “Our trilateral cooperation has become an example of effective cooperation between software developers, equipment manufacturers and the customer. We were interested in a working integrated solution based on a stack of Russian technologies, and such a PAC was created under our patronage. Now its pilot implementation has already been launched, which is being successfully carried out in the Kalininsky industry data center for users of the Concern's Headquarters," he said.

According to Andrey Chernyshev, general director of the Delta Solutions GC, the created joint solution may become a precedent in the IT market, confirming that today Russian technologies and developments are highly competitive with Western counterparts, both in terms of cost and functionality.

We focus on the world experience in the equipment development, taking into account the practice of operating Russian customers, as well as modern trends in import substitution. All

this gives our customers the opportunity to fulfill their needs using Russian equipment with characteristics that are not inferior to the products of the world leaders in the IT industry, " he said and added that the created PAC is positioned as a "box solution" ready for integration into any data center on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.


Rosenergoatom (www.rosenergoatom.ru), a part of the Electric Power Division of Rosatom State Corporation, is the largest generating company in Russia and the second largest in the world in terms of nuclear generating capacity. In total, 38 power units with an installed capacity of 30.5 GW are operated at 11 NPPs in Russia.

The Astra Linux GC (www.astralinux.ru) is one of the leaders of the Russian information technology market in the field of software development, including operating systems of the Astra Linux family and virtualization platforms. It has been on the market since 2008. The Astra Linux operating system is accepted into the standard of federal executive authorities and state corporations. Being the only one indigenous operating system in the country it has a full set of certificates of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, FSTEC and FSB of Russia. It is recommended for use in specialized software and hardware systems designed to process data of any degree of confidentiality, including state secrets of special importance.

The Astra Group of Companies is a union of independent indigenous IT brands, which includes, along with the OS and the Astra Linux virtualization system, the Termidesk virtual workstation connection manager from UVEON and the RuBackup backup complex created by Rubackup LLC. All products of the Astra Group of Companies are included in the register of the Ministry of Digital Science of Russia and are compatible with all the basic elements of the indigenous IT ecosystem.

The Delta Solutions GC (DeltaSolutions.Ru, DeltaComputers.Ru) has been working in the market for the development of intelligent systems for more than 14 years and offers modern effective IT solutions in the field of automation of technological and business processes. Delta Solutions' work area includes the development, implementation and support of information systems for companies that most critically require the reliability and continuity of production. Since 2017, the Delta Solutions GC began to focus on import substitution of industrial products, the production of indigenous computers and telecommunications equipment, in connection with which a separate business unit was allocated - Delta Computers, which became a division of the Group in the direction of developing a range of products for modern data centers. Delta Computers products are included in the registers of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media, and also use the “Made in Russia” mark.

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