‘Rosenergoatom’ implements digital technologies in the realm of power output generation, electric power transfer, distribution and technological schemes

One of the strategic initiatives of the Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company (a part of the Electric Power Division of the Rosatom State Corporation) is the digital transformation of power infrastructure in Russia.

As a part of this initiative, an agreement was signed between the digital integrator C-PLUS, an affiliate service provider of the Company, and the VOLS-VL (an affiliate of the Rosseti), to implement an automated system for electric power revenue metering.

The framework agreements cover the works at the utility connection facilities servicing ‘IDGC Center and Volga’ and ‘IDGC Center’ and its affiliates. Another contract was signed with ‘Kubanenergo’ back in April for a service package related to power savings and improving energy performance of the power resources. According to the agreement, over 20 thousand smart meters will be installed and connected in a cloud-based data accumulation system.

As of now, C-PLUS is successfully working on the digital transformation for Rosenergoatom, in particularly, with the ‘Energoservice’ project development in Russia. Energy service commitments are being delivered in the Vladimir, Lipetsk, Orel and Tver regions, as a part of which over 140 thousand smart meters have been installed. As a result of the pilot run launched by C-Plus in the Tver region in 2019, the grid company’s losses were reduced by almost 30%. The initiative is to be deployed in other regions in 2021-2022.

In the meantime, C-PLUS is working on the smart solutions integration as a part of the ‘Digital economy of the Russian Federation’ and the ‘Smart City’, extends the areas of using cutting-edge digital technologies and automation packages. The smart metering power equipment runs on an innovative NB-FI protocol, which has obtained a status of the first registered Internet of Things standard in the country (PNST-2019).

Dmitry Martynov, the CEO of C-PLUS, noted: ‘The arrangements we have made are a result of our cooperation in the introduction of modern digital solutions in the power industry. They lay the foundation for upscaling the cooperation between the two major players in the electric power market – the Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company and Rosseti. The pursuit of innovative technologies and solutions, in particular, a complete move towards digital grids, digital substations and digital company management, will foster higher power safety in the regions and better life standards for the population because of the new service and automation protocols. Additionally, as we work on such projects, we open up opportunities for new consumer services, such as optimizing tariff options, connection of minor distributed generation, energy storage, solutions running on solar batteries, and in the future – the establishment of joint infrastructure covering day-to-day and communal electric charging sets that combine the consumption and accumulation of electric power in large cities and production facilities into a single grid’.

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