‘Rosenergoatom’ has signed a cooperation agreement with the Data center industry participants association

The Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company (a part of the Electric power division of the Rosatom State Corporation) has signed a cooperation agreement with the Data center industry participants association. The latter was announced on September 20th at the opening of the International summit of the Data center industry participants association ny the association’s president Igor Dorofeev.

The agreement regulates the coordination of joint efforts on improving the ‘Digital Economy of the Russian Federation’ program implementation as well as effective development of the data center market, establishing quality and reliable services, assisting Russian service providers and data center equipment manufacturers.

The international Data center industry participants association summit took place in Udomlia on September 19-21 at the ‘Kalininskiy’ data center (located at the Kalinin NPP site). The Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company was the general partner of the summit. Around 150 delegates took part in the international summit, including the representatives of Russian data centers, major corporate businesses, international experts, engineering equipment manufacturers. The key topics of the summit were digital economy and national standard system for the data centers, best practices in establishing hyper data centers, cloud services market in Russia, practices of operating data centers in Russia and abroad.

‘Most major data centers are normally located in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other big cities, but if there is a new location in a different region, this area brings up new opportunity, there is a synergy effect. The Kalininskiy data center spurs attention both as a facility and a data center operator. Top international traffic generation companies gain lots of business, for example, Google Facebook and others are ready to experiment and invest into new IT production. And all top-notch cutting-edge technologies are introduced by these companies. As the president of the Association, I believe that Rosenergoatom might also become such a company. This is an exciting facility that can be a driver in the data center industry development. We look forward to effective collaboration’, Igor Dorofeev said.

‘The Company’s development program resulted in exponential growth of the amount of data in the past three years, and we have now realized how important it is to use large hyper data centers as a part of Rosatom being a major technology leader. The task of protecting a large set of critical data such as personal data, biometrics, governmental data can be easily accomplished in a data center at a site next to the nuclear power plant, which caters for reliable non-stop energy supply and second-to-none safety. Our cooperation with the Data center industry participants association primarily focuses on exchanging opinions, win-win solutions and expert support in such a hi-tech industry’, Sergey Migalin, deputy CEO and Economics & Finance director at the Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock company.

About the ‘Kalininskiy’ data center:

The project on constructing the ‘Kalininskiy’ data center is implemented by the Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company in partnership with Rostelecom PJSC and is one of the key company’s initiatives in terms of expanding its product line, growing its competencies in managing data centers and entering new markets, including those outside of the country. This is the first Company’s data center that was built as a part of the Governmental ‘Digital Economy of the Russian Federation’ program. The establishment of a data centers’ network helps to provide equal access to digital governmental services to all residents of the Russian Federation as well as cater for high system reliability.

The ‘Kalininskiy’ data center, the first one in the network of data centers, was built at the Kalininskiy NPP site next to the city of Udomlua, Tver Region. The total capacity of the data center is 80 megawatt. The first extension of 48 megawatt (three data center buildings and administrative buildings) were put into commercial operation in 2018, with the second extension – 32 megawatt – will be the site to allocate modular/ container data centers. All in all, the project stipulates 6 sites in Russia to house modular/ container data centers with the total capacity of 335 megawatt.

The ‘Kalininskiy’ data center boasts unprecedented physical and information safety measures based on the nuclear power industry standards, which complies with the standards applicable to the mission-critical governmental information systems.

The Data center industry participants association is a non-for-profit organization established in 2013. The Association is comprised of corporate experts working for the Russian data center industry in the realms of designing, assembling and operating data centers, as well as specialists from organizations that are interested in data center services, equipment supply, system integration, consulting and telecommunications.

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