The innovative Novovoronezh NPP-2 2nd power block with a VVER-1200 reactor has reached 100% of its capacity for the first time

On July 31, 2019, at 7:23 pm, the reactor assembly of the innovative 2nd power block at the Novovoronezh NPP-2 (Novovoronezh NPP 7th power block) reached its designed capacity of 100% for the first time.

‘This key milestone was right within the schedule and the pilot production program. We have successfully completed the complex measurements program at 90% of the capacity, the outcomes of which confirmed that the power block functions in a stable, reliable, and safe manner. All reactor, turbine, generator, and grid connection parameters are within the operating limits’, Sergey Vitkovskiy, the ad interim director of the Novovoronezh NPP, said.

In two months, the team of specialists has managed to successfully increase the capacity of the reactor facility gradually. The equipment trials ran at 40, 50, 75, 90% of the designed capacity. Its ultimate increase to 100% was completed as planned. There were no issues identified in the equipment operation at different modes.

The low-power testing stage at 100% stipulates around one hundred different trials and measurements that will last for around two months. This will be followed by the final 15-days’ trials. Upon their completion, it can be confirmed that the equipment and the technological systems of the new power block fully comply with the design.

Afterwards, the 2nd VVER-1200 power block of the Novovoronezh NPP-2 will go into the production operation. This will be an important step for Russia and for the industry in general and will take place in late 2019.

It is important to note that the first connection of the Novovoronezh NPP-2 2nd power block to the grid (the power start-up) took place on May 1, 2019. On June 3, 2019, Rostekhnadzor issued its license for the 2nd power block trials during the Novovoronezh NPP pilot production, which was followed by the equipment testing at different modes.

The Novovoronezh NPP-2 2nd power blocks’ commercial launch will increase the total capacity of the Novovoronezh NPP by 1.5 times, which will incredibly spur the economic development of the Voronezh Region, increase its gross regional product (GRP), and, according to experts, contribute around 1 billion rubles into the regional budget in the form of the property tax in 2020.

Novovoronezh NPP is a branch of Rosenergoatom JSC (a part of the largest Division of Rosatom State Corporation – Electric Power Division). The Plant is situated on the River Don bank 42 km South of Voronezh. This is the first NPP of Russia with VVER type reactors (Water-Water Power Reactors of containment type with water under pressure). Three reactors of the Plant are the main ones – the prototypes of the serial power reactors. The first power unit was commissioned in 1964, the second one - in 1969, the third one – in 1971, the fourth one – in 1972, and the fifth one – in 1980. 

The power units No 1 and No 2 were shut down in 1984 and 1990, respectively. The power unit No 3 was shut down in 2016 for the decommissioning events. The power unit No 4 was shut down for modernization works. The power unit No 1 of Novovoronezh NPP-2 was commissioned on 27 February, 2017. The power unit No 2 is in the stage of commissioning works. 

The latest information about radiation situation near Russian NPPS and other nuclear power facilities can be seen at www.russianatom.ru 

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