24.11.2016  Kursk NPP Information and Public Relations Administration

The Kursk NPP: 1.7 billion rubles have been invested during January-October 2016 into the Kursk NPP-2 substitution station’s 1st and 2nd power blocks construction

These data were presented at the 35th field center dedicated to the Kursk NPP-2 substitution station construction during the extended session presided by Dmitriy Tveritinov, the deputy director of the Rosenergoatom Concern affiliate company responsible for capital projects implementation.

The main topic of the November field center was the annual plan completion and being prepared for 2017 construction season.

The representatives of the customer, the designer, the general contractor, the contracting companies, and the Kursk region administration took part in the meeting. Prior to that, the guests had visited the construction site and learned about the progress of the building and the ground works at the 1st and the 2nd power blocks’ ditch.

Afterwards, at the round table, they discussed the implementation of job safety measures, including those to be taken in winter. With that in mind, additional lighting will be installed at the construction site and the snow clearing vehicles will be prepared.
AO NIAEP, the general contractor, presented the Kursk NPP-2 progress report, including the report on the investment program carried out in January-October 2016. It was noted that 1.7 billion rubles have been invested in the construction and assembly works, which is the main expensive items.

When giving his own evaluation of the progress, Sergey Generalov, the AO NIAEP affiliate director and the Kursk NPP construction director, noted that the focus is on ditch development for the 1st and the 2nd power blocks, the utilities installation, and the construction of the PS330/ 10 kilowatt electric substation.

Based on the results of the meeting, the management requested to prepare the project documents and the agreements for the works planned for the upcoming year, which will lay the ground for smooth construction in the new season.

The Kursk NPP-2 is a replacement station for the currently operating Kursk nuclear power plant’s power blocks taken out of service. Pursuant to The Russian Federation energy land-use planning scheme valid until 2030 and approved by the Government of the Russian Federation in November 2013, the four NPP-2 replacement power blocks operating a new-generation VVER reactor will be located in the Kursk Region. The operational launch of the first two NPP-2 power blocks is planned to be synchronized with the running nuclear power stations’ power blocks taken out of service. The OJSC Concern Rosatom is the building owner and the technical customer for the project. JSC "NIAEP" acts as the general designer and the general contractor.

* VVER-TOI is a typical optimized and computerized two-block NPP project with a VVER-1300 (water-cooled power reactor), a further step in NPP-2006 project development. The goal of this development is to elaborate a typical VVER NPP power block project optimized according to the technical and economic parameters and completed within the contemporary IT environment.

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