21.03.2017  The Rostov NPP Information and Public Relations Administration

Rostov NPP: a unique operation for replacing steam-ejector machines has started at the power unit No 1

At Rostov NPP power unit No 1 the specialists of the ventilation shop have started a unique operation of old steam-ejector machines (SEMs) replacement with the new modernized ones. The works are carried out as part of planned preventive maintenance under the modernization program.

The three dismantled SEMs had been assembled at the power unit No 1 in 1986, for 31 years they have exhausted their service life and have become morally obsolete.

The new machines delivered to Rostov NPP are a unique development of a domestic company; and they are specially constructed for Rostov NPP. Their constructors performed a difficult task – without changing the machines’ technical characteristics (their operating capacity, burning capacity, etc.), reduced dimensional specifications. This is necessary in order to perform the assembly in the constraint environment of the operating power unit, without dismantling the existing communications of the deaerator department. The equipment replacement operation is unique on its own.

“For the first time since the launch of the 1st power unit an installation opening has been opened in the machine house. By using the opening, it is planned to move the dismantled old machines out of the machine house and to lift the new SEMs to the assembly site. The distance from the opening to the site with the equipment is about 10 meters. The method that we use at our site will save not only time, but also funds”, the Head of the Ventilation Shop of Rostov NPP Vladimir Krayushnikov noted.

Steam-ejector machines are crucial for the normal operation of a power unit; they support temperature condition in the central hall of the containment, in the free access zone of the reactor building and the turbine house.

The Rostov NPP is an affiliate company for Rosenergoatom Concern OJSC. The plant is based at the Tsymlianskoe reservoir shore 13.5 km away from Volgodonsk. The NPP operates VVER-1000 reactors with the installed capacity of 1000 megawatts. The power block No.1 commenced commercial operations in 2001, with the second and the third power blocks to follow in 2010 and on September 17, 2015, respectively. The power block No. 4 is currently under construction.

The Rostov NPP Information and Public Relations Administration.

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