16.02.2017  Smolensk NPP Information and Public Relations Administration

Rosenergoatom: the first set of cobalt absorbers will be loaded at power unit No 1 of Smolensk NPP

In 2017 Smolensk NPP (the branch company of Rosenergoatom Concern, Desnogorsk) is going to proceed with practical mastering of a new activity direction within the framework of implementation of corporate-wide strategic aim to “create new products”.  It will begin the production of isotopic products that have a high commercial value and a strong demand in the production sector and medical industry.

As the Deputy Chief Engineer of Smolensk NPP Aleksandr Abaimov has informed, early this March they are going to conclude a delivery contract for the first set of the cobalt absorbers for loading in the reactor unit of the nuclear plant’s first power unit.

“We dedicated the last year to the provision of operational and organizational infrastructure in order to execute works. At the present time we collect the documents to get the Rostekhnadzor’s permission for loading of the cobalt absorbers to the reactor and its operation. And in the first half of March we plan to conclude an agreement with Maschinostroitelniy zavod PJSC (MSZ) for the delivery of the first cobalt absorber set for loading into the reactor unit of the first power unit. At the same time we train the radiation technology department personnel”, Aleksandr Dmitrievich noted.

The loading of the first cobalt absorber set at Smolensk NPP is planned to be executed at power unit No 1 in October, 2017.
It is to be recalled that in December, 2016 the Consortium consisting of Rosenergoatom Concern and Isotope JSC has signed an agreement that foresees the production and the delivery of Co-60 isotope of Canadian company Nordion until 2034. It is expected to organize the Co-60 production at Smolensk NPP and Kursk NPP in addition to the existing production at Leningrad NPP.

As to the Kursk NPP, it will be the next after SNPP – the loading of the first set of the cobalt absorbers at the plant is scheduled to be executed in the long term – in 2020.

Cobalt-60 is a result of a high-tech production that is widely used in medical and manufacture industry. The reactors of RBMK (High Power Channel-type reactors) and FR  (Fast-neutron reactor) types have the competitive advantage over other reactor types in the field of isotope production without the change of designed production run of electric energy generation.

Smolensk NPP  Information and Public Relations Administration.

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