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Rosenergoatom: the Balakovo NPP and the Novovoronezh NPP are acknowledged to be the best in the realm of safety culture

The Balakovo NPP and the Novovoronezh NPP are acknowledged to be the best ones among the Rosenergoatom Concern companies in the realm of safety culture based on the outcomes of 2016.

The results of the Concern’s affiliate nuclear power plants operation related to promoting safety support and advancement were summarized at the Grand Safety Culture Day on December 7th.

According to the rules, an expert commission made of the Concern’s heads of core business departments and the NPPs’ chief engineers picks two NPPs that have the greatest achievements in terms of the safety culture.

Based on the outcomes of the voting, the Balakovo NPP was well ahead of the competition. When choosing the second NPP to be nominated, the expert commissions could not reach a consensus, with the Kolsk NPP, the Kursk NPP, and the Novovoronezh NPP being on the list. The majority of the votes was granted to the Novovoronezh station.

When evaluating the NPPs’ safety culture, the experts took into account the absence of violations in the NPPs’ production facilities operation, environment protection regulations, job safety standards, fire and ignition prevention, along with the effectiveness of the measures aimed at preventing negative events at the NPP and other criteria.

Additionally, the working group has analyzed all the safety culture reports drafted by the NPPs and the results of the verifications held by the service providers’ commission, the compliance public authorities, and the partnership checks held by the WANO.

The Grand Safety Culture Day was introduced back in 2005 to commemorate B.V. Antonov who made a great personal contribution to fostering safety culture at Rosenergoatom while working as the CTO of the company.

To define the best safety culture, the experts evaluated the results of the NPPs’ operation during the period of October 1, 2015, up to September 30, 2016.

This time the event was held for the 12th time.

In 2015, the Balakovo NPP and the Smolensk NPP were announced as the best ones in terms of safety culture.

The Rosenergoaton Concern (the power division of the Rosatom State Corporation) includes 10 Russian nuclear power stations bearing the status of the Concern’s affiliate companies, along with the vendors catering for the needs of the generation company. All in all, the 10 nuclear power stations operate 35 power blocks* (*excluding the Novovoronezh NPP’s 6th power block (The Novovoronezh NPP-2 1st one) being at the pilot production stage): 18 of them operate VVER reactors (12 VVER-1000 power blocks and 6 VVER-440 power blocks of different modifications); 15 of them with channel reactors (11 power blocks with RMBK-1000 reactors, four power blocks with EGP-6 reactors); and 2 power blocks with fast neutron sodium cooling reactors (BN-600 and BN-800). At the moment, the Rosenergoatom NPPs account for 18.6% of the whole electricity output in the country.

Information and Public Relations Administration Rosenergoatom Concern JSC.

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