29.04.2011  Information and Public Relations Office of Rosenergoatom Concern OJSC

Head of Rostekhnadzor has held a meeting on the topic of Russian NPP safe operation

On April 20, 2011, Head of Federal Service for Ecologic, Technological and Nuclear Supervision of Russia (Rostekhnadzor) Nikolay Kutyin held a meeting at Leningrad NPP on the issues of improving of technological safety at the facilities of Russian nuclear electric power branch operation.

Rosatom State Corporation First Deputy General Director Alexander Lokshin, Rosenergoatom Concern OJSC General Director Sergey Obozov, Directors of all Russian NPPs as well as the heads of a number of industry enterprises and territorial authorities of Rostekhnadzor took part in the meeting.

The questions of the interrelation between Rostekhnadzor and the Concern on the problems of the Russian NPP power units’ safe operation were discussed at the meeting in detail. Deputy General Director – Director of Rosenergoatom Concern OJSC for Production and Operation Alexander Shutikov, Head of Rostekhnadzor Department on Nuclear Plants Safety Regulation Mikhail Miroshnichenko, heads of NPPs and Rostekhnadzor territorial subdivisions presented their reports.

In the course of discussion, the meeting participants summed up the results of the work in that direction in 2010 and the first quarter of 2011 as well as sketched a plan of further joint actions in the field of improvement of nuclear plant safe operation in 2011 and for the further prospects.

Summarizing the working results, Nikolay Kutyin thanked the colleagues for effective joint work in the field of NPP safety and expressed assurance in its efficient continuation.

Rosenergoatom Concern OJSC includes all 10 Russian nuclear plants which have the status of the Concern branches, as well as the enterprises providing for the activity of the generating company.

Totally 10 Russian plants operate 32 power units with 24,242 MW nominal capacity, including: 16 pressurized-water reactors– 10 of VVER-1000 type, 6 –of VVER-440 type, 15 pressurized-tube boiling-water reactors – 11 of RBMK-1000 type and 4 of EGP-6, and 1 fast neutron reactor.

In Russia nuclear plants produce about 17% of electric power.

The top-priority task of Rosenergoatom Concern OJSC is provision of NPP safety at all stages of their life cycle.

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