Congratulation on the International Women’s Day

Dear Ladies!

On behalf of all Rosenergoatom Concern men and my own name, I congratulate you on a remarkable spring holiday – March 8!

First of all, take the gratefulness for your diligent labor for the branch benefit and to the benefit of our native country.

Your professional virtues and sense of purpose, duty performance and accuracy provide success in each sphere of the concern activity. Whatever speech touches upon – from new power units’ construction to social programs accomplishment – everywhere your contribution to the common business is significant and deserves the highest appraisal. 

Despite the fact, that the profession you have chosen takes full commitment, you find strength to take care of the house and family, keeping elegance and charm. It is you, our beloved mothers, sisters, wives, who inspire us for man’s behavior and great dealings, who makes the world brighter and kinder. 

We shall do our best to make attention and care surround you not only on March 8, but each day of your life. Let beauty and youth, wise and patience always be with you. From the bottom of my heart I wish you family, professional and all kinds of well-being.

Sergey Obozov, 

General Director 
of Rosenergoatom Concern OJSC

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