Rusatom Service will supply the equipment to the Kozloduy NPP in 2018

In the beginning of December 2017 Rusatom Service, the affiliate company of Rosenergoatom, Joint-Stock Company signed two contracts with the Kozloduy NPP to supply equipment in 2018 for power units No. 5 and No. 6.

Under the terms of the first contract, Rusatom Service will supply spare parts for the rod control system equipment of the reactor control authorities. The main function of the rod control system equipment is to change the reactor power.

 JSC VNIIEM (Moscow) is the manufacturer of the supplied spare parts, which also manufactured a complex of electrical equipment for the control and protection system  for the Kozloduy NPP.

Under the terms of the second contract, spare parts will be supplied to the plant for a complex of control and protection equipment and a centralized information and measurement system for radiation monitoring, which will be needed during the forthcoming scheduled repairs. This equipment will ensure the safe operation of nuclear power plants and monitor key indicators of the radiation situation. The equipment will be manufactured by SNIIP-SYSTEMATOM (Moscow), which has already manufactured equipment for safety ensuring at the Kozloduy NPP.

Rusatom Service delivers first turbine generator to the Armenian NPP


On December, 10th Rusatom Service, the affiliate company of Rosenergoatom, Joint-Stock Company completed delivery of the first of the two turbine generators to the Armenian NPP. Equipment was transported from the manufacturing plant in Saint Petersburg in two stages: to the Poti seaport in Georgia, from there - by land to the site at the Armenian NPP.

The new unit is to be installed in place of the former one, which was manufactured in the late 70s of the past century. Auxiliary systems will be replaced along with the turbine generator. That is one of the features of this project operation. 

The turbine generator was manufactured by the Russian company Power machines, PJSC – a power engineering company, one of the world’s top-ten industry leaders in terms of installed-equipment volume. 

Under the terms of the contract signed in December, 2016, Power machines, PJSC is to manufacture and deliver two turbine generator complete sets with a rated capacity of 236 MW with excitation and process control systems.

 Furthermore, the scope of works includes installation and setup of the equipment. 

The second turbine generator will be delivered to the Armenian NPP in December 2018.

VNIIAES upgrades simulators at foreign nuclear power plants


In 2017 SC “VNIIAES”, the affiliate company of Rosenergoatom, Joint-Stock Company finished the upgrading of the  first unit of the South-Ukrainian NPP’s full - scale simulator, and now FSS is on warranty support.

As well VNIIAES conducts similar work at the Bushehr NPP in Iran.

At present, acceptance tests of the upgraded Bushehr NPP’s FSS are being realized, VNIIAES specialists are working on the site. The upgrading was carried out taking into account the data, based on the results of the Bushehr NPP power unit-prototype № 1 commissioning, which was commissioned in 2013.

A full-scale simulator is a compound software and hardware complex that permits realize practical training for NPP personnel, testing of technological procedures for operating power units, and modeling of emergency situations to analyze them.



On May 2, 2017 SC Rusatom Service, a daughter company of Rosenergoatom, Joint-Stock Company, performed the delivery of spare parts (pipes for water removal) for reactor coolant pump (RCP-195M type) at Temelin NPP (Check Republic).  The equipment was delivered within the framework of the Contract between SC Rusatom Service and ALTA a.s. The duration of the obligations fulfilment from the date of the delivery conditions confirmation to the date of dispatch took 4 calendar months in accordance with the Contract. 

The pipes for water removal were produced at Russian enterprise SC CKBM (St-Petersburg) that is specialized in manufacturing of pump equipment for nuclear industry and incorporated within Machine-Building Division of Rosatom - Atomenergomash.

The reactor coolant pumps ensure intensive circulation of coolant in the reactor primary circuit and responsible for heat removal from the core. 



On October 4-27 Rusatom Service, a daughter company of Rosenergoatom, Joint-Stock Company, underwent the remote quality management audit of Slovenske Electrarne suppliers. By the results of the completed audit SC Rusatom Service received the certificate that confirms that the company meets all customer requirements and might be considered as a qualified supplier of equipment and spare parts for Slovenske Electrarne.

A meeting with Technatom representatives (Spain)


On August 31 and September 01 a meeting between representatives of Rusatom Service, a daughter company of Rosenergoatom, Joint-Stock Company, SC RASU and Technatom (Spain) was held in Moscow.  

The meeting was aimed at widening of the cooperation between the organizations, currently Rusatom Service and Technatom collaborate within the framework of the NPP personnel training. The representatives of the companies discussed the areas for expansion of joint activities, such as Human Factors Engineering, High performance displays, Alarm systems, as well as new markets for sales of products and services. 

By the results of the meeting the parties developed the plan of joint actions by the end of 2017 for each area of cooperation, in particular: Preparation and arrangement of the working visit of the delegation from SC Rusatom Service and SC RASU to the site of Technatom (Spain) as well as the information exchange on the subjects of the pilot project on elaboration of joined database on the NPP operating experience.

Reference SC Rusatom Service and Technatom (Spain) have been cooperating for almost two years already. The memorandum of understanding between the companies was signed on the sidelines of ATOMEXPO 2016.

Technatom is the global player in the international market of NPP services and possesses the expert experience in the areas of human factor assessment, control panels and simulators, training of instructors and operators, operation support and emergency response, equipment examination, testing and supplies.


SC Rusatom Service, a daughter company of Rosenergoatom, Joint-Stock Company, is entered in the register of state sector partners in the Slovakian Republic in accordance with the requirements of Slovakian laws.

Insofar SC Rusatom Service is the only company within the Russian nuclear industry has been entered in the register.

Successful fulfilment of this requirement will not only allow to continue rendering services under the contract for technical support to commissioning activities at Mochovce NPP units Nos. 3 and 4, but also provides an opportunity for the enterprises of Rosatom to render services to Slovenske Elektrarne via SC Rusatom Service.

Reference: On December 29, 2016 SC Rusatom Service, a daughter company of Rosenergoatom, Joint-Stock Company, and Slovenske Elektrarne signed the contract for rendering services of technical support to commissioning activities at Mochovce NPP units Nos. 3 and 4.



On April 14, 2017 the meeting of Joint Steering Committee on the project of lifetime extension of Armenian NPP unit No. 2 was held in Yerevan. The participants from State Corporation Rosatom, Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources of the Republic of Armenia, Armenian Nuclear Regulatory Authority, Rosenergoatom, Joint-Stock Company, SC Rusatom Service, SC Atomtechenergo, CSC HAYKAKAN ATOMAYIN ELEKTRAKAYAN took part in the meeting. 

During the meeting the participants summarized the results of the outage performance in 2016 and discussed the issues associated with Outage-2017 that included the licensing for operation of Armenian NPP unit No. 2 in 2017, upgrading and replacement of the equipment and systems.  They also reviewed the suggestions for involvement of the industry design organizations, integrators and contractors for performance of the unit upgrading activities. 

The activities associated with the equipment instrumental examination and maintenance are envisaged for performance during Outage 2017. This year the scope of the equipment to be examined was identified in accordance with the request of Armenian Nuclear Regulatory Authority.

The beginning of the activities on upgrading of the first cooling tower with broad involvement of Armenian companies is anticipated this year.  

Mr. Movses Vardanyan, Director General of Armenian NPP reported on the results of planned-preventive maintenance in 2016, when the metal and weld joints of the reactor equipment and pipelines including reactor vessel and steam-generators were examined. In addition, the instrumental examination and substantiation of the residual lifetime of Armenian NPP equipment was completed within the scope planned for 2016. 

By the results of the meeting the participants made the decision to update the licensing plan for Armenian NPP unit No.2, develop the Consolidated actions plan for preparation of Armenian NPP for long-term operation and start the elaboration of investment project for Armenian NPP lifetime extension. The parties also agreed to expand their cooperation in the planned manner in the areas of education and popularization of nuclear power.