salnikov.jpg  Deputy General Director - Director of the "Rosenergoatom"
  "Rostov nuclear power plant" branch
















Salnikov Andrey Aleksandrovich was born in 1960 in Bashkiria Neftekamsk.


1978-1980 years - Service in the Armed Forces. After graduating in 1986, Tomsk Polytechnic Institute with a degree in "Nuclear Power Plants" he worked at Zaporizhzhya NPP reactor under construction as an operator, then curator of construction works on the fourth power unit of the nuclear power plant. After launching of fifth power unit he was transferred to the sixth nuclear power plant unit as a leading engineer of reactor control. He worked as a shift manager of reactor department, leading engineer of management unit, shift unit.


He came to the Rostov NPP in 2000. He held a post of Chief of block’s staff, station’s staff supervisor, Deputy Chief Engineer for operation. In 2006 he was appointed Chief Engineer of the branch of the "Rosenergoatom" "Rostov nuclear power plant". He was awarded medal "For Merits for the Motherland" II degree, Diploma of the Rosatom, silver and gold medals of the "Rosenergoatom" "For Merits in improving safety of nuclear power stations".